Input South Africa gearing up for big event

Our preparations to host you at INPUT, Africa’s biggest ever Public Television Extravaganza, is shifting into full gear. A fantastic venue, an unforgettable week and most importantly a Public Television Showcase par excellence await you. Come and experience history being made at the 30th INternational PUblic Television conference that is INPUT 2008.

If you have already registered, then we welcome you! If you still have to register, please visit the official Input 2008 website here!


The scene has been set to celebrate three decades of television’s most influential screening and debating conference, from the 4th to 10th of May in the buzzing Afropolitan city of Johannesburg. This year’s Input is unlike anything that has gone before. The Host Broadcaster, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Input International Organisation have ensured a week that has the following hightlights (watch the website for more details):

  • 107 programmes from about 40 countries reflecting a mix that is richer than ever before… documentary, drama, entertainment, children and crossover genres. Some of them award winning
  • A free training opportunity for emerging documentary filmmakers whose work will be developed and shown on international television
  • Special sessions that include a look at Prime Time Hits from around the world, the award winning Why Democracy project, Indigenous Storytelling from Australia, African Coproduction Innovations, the Creative Use of Archives & Climate Change
  • A tribute to Ousmane Sembene, the Father of African Filmmaking as well as a session that explores the myriad new directions in African audiovisual storytelling, The Story Tree
  • The launch of the worldwide Human Bondage Project… An historic collaboration that will tell the story of slavery from the African perspective for the first time
  • A UNESCO round table on Slavery, Memory & Story. UNESCO is a key partner in the Human Bondage project
  • A round table/master class featuring 6 great filmmakers… half from Africa and the other half from Europe

INPUT 2008 is a Marketplace of Ideas for TV Visionaries and promises to leave a lasting legacy as Africa takes its rightful place within the circle of global storytellers.

It will be a Pan African event with the assistance of broadcasters and professionals in more than 30 countries across our continent. Appropriately themed Back to the Beginning, INPUT 2008 invites delegates to journey back to Africa, the Cradle of Humankind, as well as back to the power of simple stories told well.

The programmes selected to be screened for INPUT 2008 were recently finalised by a team of broadcast professionals who gathered at Deutsche Welle in Germany. The rigorous selection process ended with 107 diverse examples of excellence. The sheer quantity of exceptional and thought provoking programming for INPUT 2008 has increased substantially. “There was a huge mix of every kind of TV that you can imagine,” says Khethiwe Ngcobo, an INPUT Shop Steward (Juror) and Head of Drama at the SABC. “The overall standard at INPUT has gone up and there are many more good films to see,” she adds.

INPUT 2008 will be held at the state of the art Sandton Convention Centre (SCC), which is located in an area of Joburg that has become one of Africa’s most vibrant commercial and cultural centres. An entire floor of the SCC with full multi-media capability has been booked for INPUT 2008. Its media facilities as well as an on-site media team will ensure daily coverage of the event.

Input 2008 expects more than 1,000 international delegates from around the world to descend upon Joburg in May. The greatest care has been taken to ensure your comfort, safety and convenience. Very importantly the legendary Midweek Gala Event is not to be missed. More about that later, but those of you who remember the last Input in Africa (Cape Town 2001) will know South Africans take their entertainment very seriously.


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