This is a call out to filmmakers and storytellers everywhere!

Have you been influenced by Ousmane Sembene, a Pioneer of African Cinema, in your life or through your work?

Let us know by sending your link of your clip electronically to maganthrie@input2008.org.za Your thoughts will be highlighted at INPUT 2008, The Global Public Television Conference being held in Johannesburg South Africa from 4-10 May.

The clip can be 1minute to 3 minutes in length and will detail how you have been influenced by the work and person of Ousmane Sembene.

It can simply be straight to camera or as creative as you like.

Send your CLIP-LINK by April 21st 2008.

You can do it –

1. on your cell phone

2. webcam

3. video camera

* You can also send a transcript with your submission


Send your submission via email with the subject line OUSMANE SEMBENE VIDEO TRIBUTE to maganthrie@input2008.org.za and include/attach the following information about yourself in the email:

  • Name
  • Country of Origin
  • Current Residency
  • Email address
  • Contact Details
  • A jpeg of yourself
  • Occupation/a brief summary of what you do
  • Format used for your entry.

Amateur and professionals alike are invited – film can be made by anyone – story is told by everyone!

Enjoy – we await your entry.


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