Attention All Democracy, Documentary and Culture Lovers


Bram Fischer’s 100th birthday is being celebrated in high intellectual style at Jozi’s hottest new culture space, the House of Nsako, the night before his birthday, on the 22nd of April. The evening will kick off with a screening of the award-winning documentary Love, Communism, Revolution, and Rivonia – Bram Fischer’s Story, presented by the Documentary Filmmakers’ Association of South Africa (DFA). The film is followed by a thought-provoking hour-long discussion on “Democracy, Revolution, and Reconciliation.”

Panelists include:

Sharon Farr, producer and director of the documentary;

Hugh Lewin, the renowned journalist who was in jail with Bram Fischer;

Deon Maas, the controversial producer, media personality, and well-known contemporary “leftist” Afrikaner;

Dan Roodt, co-founder of PRAAG (Pro-Afrikaans Action Group), an extra- parliamentary movement devoted to the rights of Afrikaners;

other surprises….

Joining in will be student representatives from the University of the Free State, the University of Johannesburg, and WITS University. Other guests from the world of human rights, democracy, film, and culture will also be on hand.

After this, everyone will be able to work out whatever issues linger by dancin’, arguin’, on until midnight

The evening promises to be inspirational, educational, insightful confrontational, and full of surprises!


Bram Fischer, a child of Afrikaner aristocracy, came to lead the SA Communist Party during the struggle. At the Rivonia Trial, he saved Mandela and others from execution. When all his comrades were jailed or exiled, he took a defiant solitary stand, living in disguise as apartheid’s most wanted man until his capture and sentence to life imprisonment in 1966. The documentary is a personal and moving story of courage, conviction and an unswerving vision of a non-racial South Africa and was the winner of best South African documentary at Encounters in 2007. Nominated for a 2008 KANNA Award in the feature-length film category.

Mahala Media and DungaMunzi Films are producing this screening series every Tuesday night at the House of Nsako, screening local and international truths and fikshans through an AfriKan lenz. Dinner and drinks are served at the venue.

ABOUT THE HOUSE OF NTSAKO The House of NsAkO is a Museum and Institute of African POpular KAlture – MIAPOKA! Music, Art, Film, Food, Fashion, Literature & Dance all come together to create Josi’s most unique, inspiring venue that ACCURATELY reflects the contemporary South African experience. NsAkO was recently featured in the City Press. More info at

To reserve a seat or for more information please contact Neo at 072 619 6203 or Michael at 082 223 5432. email:


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