What’s in a Name?

The main Input 2008 Committee Rooms have been named after notable South Africans. Here is a brief guide to who’s-who…click on the highlighted names to be directed to more information.

Committee Room 1: The Herman Charles Bosman Room

Herman Charles Bosman (1905-1951) was an Afrikaans South African author and journalist who wrote in English, lived a bohemian and colourful life and is regarded as one of the country’s best short story writers.

Committee Room 2: The Zakes Mda Room

Zakes Mda (1948- ) is a celebrated and award-winning South African author. He is also a composer, playwright, filmmaker and painter. He is professor of creative writing at Ohio University and commutes between the USA and South Africa. His latest titles include The Whale Caller and Cion.

Committee Room 3: The Lewis Nkosi Room

Lewis Nkosi (1936- ) worked for years as an editor and journalist and later became a prolific essayist, playwright and author. He is best known for his commentary on contemporary Africa and is regarded by many as one of the architects of black consciousness in South Africa. He resides in Switzerland and visits South Africa regularly.

Committee Room 4: The Miriam Tlali Room

Miriam Tlali (1933-) is the first black woman to have published a novel in South Africa and remains a keen critic – through fiction and non-fiction – of injustice in society. She was the co-founder of the radical arts journal Staffrider and sits on the board of Skotaville Press.

Committee Room 5: The Es’kia Mphahlele Room

Es’kia Mphahlele (1919- ) is a South African novelist, autobiographer, and critic who was banned under Apartheid for many years. He spent much time on the continent, returned to South Africa in 1978 and remains a respected commentator on Africa and African literature.


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