input2008 kicks off

The Chinua Achebe foyer at Input2008 – registration opened today as delegates were checked in, tagged and bagged… registration at input2008 will remain open at the venue until the 9 may, one day before the conference closes.

Participants at the Made in Africa workshop and training session, a two-day precursor to Input2008 that ended today, as registration for the official conference opened.

Mayenzeke Baza from Port Elizabeth is interviewed live on Radio 2000 by presenters Zai & Victor at Input2008. Mayenzeke is one of three Made in Africa participants whose documentary pitch won him a 3 month Thomson Foundation documentary course in Cardiff, Wales.

Tracey-Lee Dearham from Cape Town takes her turn at the Radio 2000 mic after the news that her pitch was selected as another Made in Africa winning entry.

** The third winner of the documentary award, Makhela Phululu from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was unavailable at the time for a snapshot…but we’re bound to catch up with him over the Input week…

Andy Glynn (DFG) and Sally-Anne Wilson (CBA-DFID Broadcast Media Scheme) – are asked by Radio 2000 about the criteria used for selecting the winning pitches…

All together now… Sally-Anne Wilson, Mayenzeke Baza, Andy Glynne and Tracey-Lee Dearham…

pics by Modise aka Dise

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