tonight at input2008: ousmane sembene inside out

Ousmane Sembene Inside Out

A Tribute to African Cinema

Venue: Red Room Level 2;      Time: Monday May 5th    

19:00 – 21:30


“Of all African film directors, Sembene is the first to confer value to images.”  — Med Hondo




“The work of an African filmmaker is to find a way that is his own and to find his own symbols, even to create symbols if he has to.”  Interview with Ousmane Sembene by Dr Harold Weaver



The aim is to create a discourse at Input2008 that goes well beyond Ousmane Sembene, the man and his work; to track the impact of African cinema on the world with Sembene as a founding father.

Sembene said: “Cinema is a night school,” and on a continent where literacy is low, public broadcasting can serve as a short but effective route to a bright and hopeful future.  A formal independence has taken place, a political independence on paper, but now we must forge an independence of the minds, a cultural independence.

Discussion will be fueled by extracts from Sembene’s works (Moolaade and Faat Kine) as well as the Manthia Diawara film Sembene Ousmane, the Making of African Cinema.


Seipati Bulane-Hopa –Secretary General of FEPACI, the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers.

Jean Pierre Bekolo Obama-Award-winning filmmaker, Input2008 Shopsteward

Ramadan Suleman- Director of Fools and Zulu Love Letter.


Glen Ujebe Masokoane- Filmmaker, African Cinema Pioneer


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