Restorying Africa

The Story Tree      Re-storying Africa



DATE: Tuesday 6th May 2008, 18h45

There are two Africa’s that exist one is a virtual Africa that exist largely in the imagination of the West and the real Africa that exists for those who claim to know and understand more. How Real is the Virtual Africa?   And how Virtual is the Real Africa? Are they both constructions that in fact only exist in the imagination of the programme makers that construct the vision  of Africa . Or do they both exist to varying degrees.


The programmes makers  we are going be talking to are sometimes critical, sometimes confident about the Africa they have before them. Some look back examining the past with its pain. The voices are varied but emphatically African whether the film makers reside on the continent or are working and living elsewhere. What is certain is that the filmmaking and television culture in Africa is more exuberant and prolific than it has ever been and they are producing an infinitely more complex depiction of the continent.


This session hopes to ask difficult questions of those programme makers who belong to the continent and the way they are restorying  Africa.


Moderators  :  Jean Pierre Bekolo –Independent  Filmmaker, Academic, Input Shop Steward

                   :   Kethiwe Ngcobo  – Head of Drama SABC, Input Shop steward


Films and Filmmakers


500 years Later  Directed by Owen Alik Shahadah -UK

All About Darfur – Directed By Taghreed Elsanhouri  – Sudan –

Cuba The African Odyssey – Director by  Jihan El-Tahri- Egypt

More than Just a Game – Directed by Junaid Ahmed -South Africa

Meokgo and the Stick Fighter – Directed by Teboho Mahlatsi – South Africa


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