Video On Demand Programme Evaluation Feedback

The Input 2008 Video on Demand library made programme evaluation sheets available for all delegates that visited the library. Delegates commented on programmes and films they had viewed. Here are the comments ….



Starck vs Starck

– Very good!



– Nice adventure to make it the other way round. Maybe it reveals who Starck really is. But      gets so pretentious that its getting boring. Definitely his toothbrush, toilet brushes and chairs are more interesting than his monologue.       


– I fear that Starck’s desire to do something fresh for himself reveals him to be a second rate philosopher – as he warned at the beginning he was. He does have some charm though. AS a documentary; certainly fresh and original, but he is not interesting enough to hold me for 50 minutes. English voice-over does not convince. Suggest that filmmaker is more interesting than his subject.



Fairytale of Katmandu

– Narrative treatment par to none. Very impressive.           


– Very well told and well produced. Interesting topic! Surprising story. Interesting character! The  filmmakers relationship with the character is also interesting.  


– Fantastic how the presenter uses her own surprise/shock in the story. How she admits her own neglect to speak to the boys at first and then go back. She makes the turn in the story, the story.

Great narrative work and very delicate reflections.



– Impossible to get distracted from. Very consistent and good.



Shoot The Messenger

– Long and slow. However, good.           



– Extraordinarily honest, unflinching. Look at the damage people can do to one another. Very disturbing; some hard-to-hear truths about ourselves (black people). Could be a useful learning tool for youths, especially black youth at risk and teenage girls.

Popularize this film.              



Not My Daughter

– I fully agree about the purpose of this piece, but I’ve also some questions: Why is it called documentary if it’s fiction?


Is the best way in the real utility of this piece, to make it in English? I can’t imagine people from Ghana watching this on TV. The language in the nation and small village is not the same as Eastern audience. Is it the same for Ghana/ African audience?    



– A subject that needs more attention. Great to see it from the mother’s perspective.



– A shot worth viewing on the basis of female emancipation from archaic perceptions of the traditional practices and roles in our culture.



The Cop, The Judge and The Murderer

– Amazing that these people let them film in all the moments. Astonishing insight. It’s exciting to watch.          



– Very exciting story, extraordinary access to everything. Great characters. Looking forward to episode 3. 


– Extraordinary access to police work.       



– Very interesting. The best police-series from real life.     


– I like it, the access is remarkable!        



– Excellent documentary series. Very surprising.           


– Extremely interesting to see the whole ‘naked’ investigation. First time I have seen such ‘close-up’ police work. Episode 1 was a bit more exciting than episode 2. But I will see the third as well!



Yakuza Money

– Well constructed and narrated. Very important issue, good job.

It would be interesting to learn how the filmmakers got into contact with the syndicate. Why did the syndicate trust the filmmaker? There is always a possibility that the information they got would leak to the police.



– Nice, stable production with very interesting subject matter. Could be interesting for acquisition.  



Please Vote for Me

– A fascinating though frightening insight into the lives of young Chinese kids and the influence of their parents. Competition and cruelty always seem close to the surface. Kids and parents are fast learners in the ‘dirty tricks’ election process. Bullying, manipulation, vote buying all feature. Has the owe guild policy produced a generation of monsters with parents determined to teach their child that ‘by whatever means possible’ is the only game in town? Less of a metaphor re democracy than an example of old brutalities in the ‘New china’? Is this democracy in action or a new generation using cultural revolution tactics on each other? Thanks for the productive film.

P.S. Could have done with a few more explanatory bits on the text. Who is Xiaofei’s carer, if not her mother?



– Great access to the characters. Funny, very relevant. It makes one think a lot.            



– Remarkable! ‘Democracy at school, a perfect wrong. The wolf introduced in the sheep loses. As far as some youngsters seem already to live been teached and learned a lot from cynical adults. Wonderful demonstration of living manipulation.       


Mountain Shadow

– Very powerful indeed. I am so glad I was able to see this. I am also shocked that this series was pulled by SABC and I hope it will be shown in the future. Thank you Input.  


– Interesting drama. Nice photography.



Magic Cellar

– Easy to understand for minor children – also visually. Very detailed visual site – good for series.          



– Extremely well crafted. Though provoking.   



– What can I say, just a murderer telling about his detachment. I’d rather heard about what he did.       



– Very touching. They should have been more information about his past.      


– Very touching. Interesting look into madness vs genius.                    


– Pretty interesting.



The Glow Of White Women

– Badly disappointing. Seemed very thin and with little analysis, stitched together with repetitive archive. Watched 20 minutes as already seemed to be repeating itself.

I was hoping for a thoughtful exploration but this did not seem to be what the film is was about.Great to have the chance to see it though.



– Great quality film. Great researching, archive footage. Good to see when the broadcaster creates the means that the quality shines through.    



– Would love to see screeners of the series. Please send me at: Link TV, 164 W.25th St#10 New York, NY 10001 (L.Hess) 


– On the Fernando Merielles mood, this fiction you can devour it is really easy and pleasant. I’m interested in the feature of this kind of action series. Out of the studio..



– Well done! I want to see more episodes.



– A new approach to this well known piece of work. A convincing mind. Genius.                        


– The film is very beautiful. There are lots of fine views. It’s easy to see that you love music. I’m just wondering why so typical choices: Australia-Summer; Finland –Winter. But however as a form, I like winter.



Last Man Standing

– Really intriguing to see how out of place the foreigners are on the natives turf.



– Entertaining, very typical reality show, but it’s nice with the cultural parts and the beautiful nature. It’s cool that it’s different people with different strengths and skills. Some of the material is boring and unnecessary like the ‘line dance’ and you just sit and wait for the highlights; the fights. But it has some good and entertaining parts like when one of the guys stole the food, and of course the stick fights etc. It’s pretty sick that someone wants to join a program like this and I couldn’t imagine joining myself. My overall meaning is that this show is funny and entertaining (some of it) but it’s too much talking, and it needs more action, some of the film can be cut out, but you don’t stop watching because you want to see the end.

P.S. The cameras were moving during the fights and then it was difficult to follow on the screen and you couldn’t see what happened sometimes.



– Absolutely brilliant. Beautifully shot and made.           


A Prime Minister- 10Years Behind The Scenes 

– Very good preoccupancy. Aside to see an almost honest prime minister. An excellent glimpse of what’s behind the scenes. Great interview.



– It was a good, honest documentary and I would recommend it.     


Badly Drawn Roy

– Very funny – would love to get a screener; Possible broadcast on: Link TV, 164 W.25th St, #10 New York, NY 10001 USA       



– Great production style and comedy. Love the mockumentary angle.




– Tight concept and maintained build up character. The freedom to express the art form of graffiti to be recognized and known. Props! Word up!



– The ‘Whole Journey’ of a young traveler towards discovering a sense of purpose and dignity. Tight. Complete.



– Congratulations! Until now the best film I saw at Input 2008.



Plan B

– Very interesting coaching format. Reality shows can find a symbolic service purpose in these cases.      



– I would love to get a screener sent to me in NY –  Very interested for Link TV, 164 W.25th St, #10 New York NY 10001, USA.




 – I imagined it was another kind of program. Didn’t view until the end.        


– Brilliant. Excellent use of silence. Great material and convincing actors. Beautifully crafted story. 


Two Men, Twelve Drawings

 – Please be kind enough to send me a screener in NY. Thanks!   


– This documentary follows two men on their work as mp or spokesperson but stays a little superficial. We don’t really learn a lot about their backgrounds and their content differences. It portrays, especially Hlukani as if he is the more exotic kind. It’s how about these men deal with with the media and image forming, not what they reach or how they influence the debate in Denmark. Maybe known to people these, not to others.


A Son’ s Sacrifice

 – Interesting approach bout how to deal between different cultures. However at the end, only one makes the sacrifice. That helps the film, but it helps the integration too.



– Excellent. Loved It. Great characters.



– Highly …., but what kind of audience is this for?



– Hilarious and to the point.


 Don’t Say A Word

– Interesting feature. It allows different cultures. In which kind of audience is it..?



– Beautiful film, compelling, gripping, great cinematography.


  Scandinavian Beauty

– Hilarious



Mississippi Cold Case

– A great experience of a very classic documentary. You don’t very often see stuff like this. There’s a man with a target, a man with an extraordinarily good story and a director with a rare talent of telling story right away. It’s obvious that the editor was blessed with luck and a fantastic menu.



– It had it all – passion – history and emotions.



–  I learn to live with the ugly and shaking pictures because because the story is so strong. It tells us once again that real life and things happening right now always will stay above fiction and documentaries with pictures not made on the spot.



The News Killing Field

– Interesting; artsy angle.



– The Black Man In Seelisburg



– Brilliant way to portray prejudice.      


News War: What’s Happening To The News

– Solid production and great subject.



The Pilots

– Interesting concept. Confusing in a good way.




– Interesting subject. Good casting. A bit too traditional.



To See If I’m Smiling 

– This is a collection of interviews (very interesting) but illustrated. Where is the structure?



The Big Donor Show




– Interesting. But I didn’t like the split screen that much. 



Black Like Me

– Interesting experiment


The Sinking Village

– Interesting look into ordinary lives facing a personal catastrophe.



Over The Hill

– Important subject.



Searching For Sandeep

– Good characters and treatment




Great comedy!



Ranzco – The Pursuit of Happiness

– Great. Beautiful film!



 The Bodybuilder and I

– Really good and interesting, and a bit touching too. Well done!



The Secret In The Satchel

Great film. Interesting, innovative way to mix different narratives and languages. I like the way comic resources are so used in the film.



Clickers – Flying

 I love the way it’s made like the iphone.



Chakia and Sneakers

– Don’t like the presenter’s narration. Don’t make it richer v.o. says it all. I hoped I would surprise me more but it didn’t.



Iron Ladies of Liberia

– The filmmaker has unique access to a new prime minister and provides some fascinating insights into the day to day running of a country.








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