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A Place Called Home

Above: A Place Called Home which can be seen today:

Session: Don’t be a couch potato

Session Leader: Claudia Schreiner

09h00-13h00 in the RED ROOM


Director: Akin Omotoso

Producers: Robbie Thorpe, Akin Omotoso & Kgomotso Matsunyane

Entered by: T.O.M. Pictures

Script Writer: Zamo Mkhwanazi

Camera : Eran Tahor

Editor: Leon Retief



T.O.M. Pictures

PostNet Suite 22

Private Bag X9

Melville, 2109


South Africa

Tel: +27 11 482 3972

Don’t be a couch Potato also includes the following films (p31 of the Catalogue)


The Truth About Marika

The Sinking Village

Bad Vibe



You are invited to attend INPUT 2008 taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Registration is free for all   INPUT 2008 sessions  as from Wednesday 7th May to Saturday 10th May.

Visit for more info.

input at nsako







If you couldn’t make it to INPUT or you need to get away for awhile, this is a great place to do it!


The filmmakers will be in attendance.


ANTONIA – (Drama series from Brazil) – 30 mins

Four women who work as backup vocalists start their own hip-hop group called Antonia and deal with crime, violence, and social issues in Brasilandia, a neighborhood of Sao Paolo. Antonia is not a story of vulnerable women in a harsh society – these women are models of assertiveness and perseverance. Featuring four real Brzailian hip-hop stars in the main foles, Antonia is filled with vital energy, great music, and an irrepressible spirit.


A SON’S SACRIFICE (Documentary short from USA) – 27 mins

How does TV deal with the conflict between Islamic tradition and western values? How do Islamic immigrants in western societies identify their deep roots? How do Muslims make sense of living in these contradictory worlds, how do they divide themselves between these opposite lifestyles? Find some answers through the story of Imran, a young successful man in the advertising business in New York who, one day, decides to take over the family business, a Halaal slaughterhouse. 


NOSALTRES (Docmentary from Senegal) – 71 mins – TO BE CONFIRMED tonight

“Nosaltres” means “us” in Catalan. A group of immigrants from Mali have been living in a small town in Catalonia, Spain, for almost eight years and have had mininal contact with the local Catalan community. The film articulates the social isolation experienced by Malian men working in Catalonia, while voicing the feelings of uncertainty expressed by the indigenous Catalan people. This documentary takes off the “make-up”, the prejudices we all wear, and achieves the goal of bringing the two communities together for a real exchange of opinions and perceptions. Can they achieve harmony and equilibrium? 


Mahala Media is producing this screening series every Tuesday night at the House of Nsako, screening local and international truths and fikshans through an AfriKan lenz. Dinner and drinks are served at the venue.



The House of NsAkO is a Museum and Institute of African POpular KAlture – MIAPOKA!  Music, Art, Film, Food, Fashion, Literature & Dance all come together to create Josi’s most unique, inspiring venue that ACCURATELY reflects the contemporary South African experience. NsAkO was recently featured in the City Press. More info at


To reserve a seat or for more information please contact Neo at 072 619 6203 or Senele at 082 958 6677. email: 

1st Africa Broadcast and Film Conference – Call for presentations

Just under half of the countries in Africa have liberalised their broadcast markets and there has been a considerable growth in the number of new television and radio stations. The final opening up by the rest of the countries on the continent promises the kind of growth that the mobile market has experienced over the next five years. Whereas broadcast media used to be simply a small number of TV and radio channels, there is now a proliferation of ways in which broadcast programming can be received by its audiences including satellite, IP-TV, PC and mobile.

Taken together, the number of channels and the many different ways of receiving programming has begun to fragment the traditional market. African broadcasters need to find new ways to sustain their audiences and attract new advertising. African government broadcasters are particularly threatened by the new media landscape. Largely without funding they have to deliver public service obligations like coverage and at the same time, compete ever more fiercely in the market for premium rights, audiences and advertisers.

The First African Broadcast and Film Conference in Nairobi in September 2008 will bring together senior broadcast executives, producers, advertising agency executives, regulators and policy-makers to discuss the challenges faced by the industry over the next five years.

If you would like to make a presentation at the conference, either ring or send your idea to the e-mail address below. /

Input Outreach Project Update

Updates on the venues for the Input 2008 Outreach Project’s township screenings are as follows:

2 May:

Atteridgeville – Ramushi Street – Ramushi Community Hall

Boipatong – Lekoa Street – Boipatong Community Hall


Kliptown – 45 Beacon Road – Bolo’s Place

Alexandra – 12 Avenue – Alexsan Kopano

Input 2008 video clips on You Tube

‘Within the next week we will provide video clips of programmes selected for Input 2008 via the Youtube platform. This will give delegates instant access to the incredible range of programmes selected for this year’s event. You will be able to view 3 minutes of selected programmes instantaneously on the Input Youtube channel – wherever you are in the world.’ 


This recent mail shot has sparked heated debate among Input stakeholders. The contention seemed to be that of copyright protection for filmmakers and their products with certain role players arguing that none of the programmers with submitted and selected programmes had been informed of such use and none had given the permission to use programmes or excerpts in this way.  What guarantee was given that the 3 minute clips won’t be copied and used?


On the Input entry forms submitted by programme submitters, states:


‘ 7) Agreements:


The INPUT International Board, through its designated representatives;


1. Shall have the right to release excerpts free of charge of up to three minutes from any programme selected. The excerpts will be broadcast at the INPUT 2008 conference and/or published via the internet on the official INPUT 2008 website. …

This does not include the use of services of third parties and does not allow passing on these agreed rights to third parties.’


The response of the Input board on the matter was that although it was very good marketing idea the Input 2008 team was suggesting, the phrasing on entry forms was ‘limiting and clear’ and that with the entry form stated as it is, uploading of excerpts without clearance could not be allowed. It would therefore be imperative that only those clips where communication with the filmmakers/producers had given a clear go ahead may be uploaded.


Input 2008 IT Consultant  explains the functionality and use of You Tube:

’1. if we upload the clips to You Tube, they will show on the You Tube Input channel page ( AND be embedded in the input site You can’t have either/or.

2. You Tube protects the videos. They are only viewable, people cannot download them and alter them or use the footage… they can only view them online and share them by sending the links or embedding them. There will always be one single copy of the video, controlled by Input. It can be deleted centrally at any stage, if this is the wish. The idea behind using You Tube was to use its sophisticated online video showing and sharing functionality.

3. The reason we chose You Tube is that it is internationally reputable… even the BBC have a You Tube channel to which they upload their video content too:

4. The other alternative is to build our own video display mechanism on the site and recreate the videos in flash, but this will take time and will come at additional expense (there is no cost for the you tube option). We cannot just offer a simple download on the website otherwise paradoxically, users will be able to download the videos to their PCs and keep the files and alter them…’


If your programme was selected for Input 2008 and you would like a 3 minute clip of your programme uploaded on the Input website via the You Tube platform please email confirmation to do so to:

African Jazz Diva to perform at INPUT 2008

She has performed alongside jazz and music greats including Selaelo Selota, Jimmy Dludlu, The C-Base Collective, The Cape Symphonic Orchestra, Loading Zone, Ian Smith’s Virtual Jazz Reality, Jack van Poll and Gerry Spencer. She has serenaded presidents and leaders including Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki and has toured extensively in Europe and Africa.

The FUBA Academy and University of Cape Town graduate majored in Jazz under the supervision of Prof. Mike Campbell and was trained in classical Jazz Singing by Virginia Davids. Her explosive talent awed Africa with the release of her debut album A CRY, A SMILE, A DANCE which won her two South African Music Awards for BEST FEMALE ARTIST and BEST JAZZ VOCAL ALBUM, two KORA All Africa Music Awards for Best Artist from Southern Africa and Best African Female Artist (Africa/Diaspora) and two Metro Fm Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Jazz Artist.

Her second release NEW BEGINNINGS left no question that Judith Sephuma natural gift of music and song was going to live with us for a very long time.

Polokwane born jazz vocalist Judith Sephuma’s will entertain delegates at the Input 2008 Gala Dinner, Wednesday May 7th at the Sandton Convention Centre.