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input…from behind the desk

submitted by President Phaphama

Apparently in the beginning was the word. The word was with input and the word was Early.

Input. I vibrate this word repeatedly, and all these other captivating words gatecrash my mental space almost zealously. I am talking words like contribute, engage, create, bla di bla…

I walk into the famed Sandton Convention Centre thinking this word. And being part of the Input team, the word has more than one meaning to me. I am here as a service provider, and I am also here as eyes and ears to look and hear out for future prospects in delivering more and more service in the realms of broadcasting.

Stationed at the Information desk, I get to see faces in all shapes and texture. On these faces are enquiring eyes in search of information on this and that. They ask me questions because they expect me to know. These faces belong to filmmakers and people who invest in filmmaking. Their questions are intended for an administrator, at least that is what my false ego thinks.  

As an up and coming filmmaker and aspiring television maker, my false ego feels misplaced behind the information desk. Fortunately this misidentification of responsibility has a very short span. The angelic sight and divine voice of Mr James Early in front of me comes early enough to kill my already bruised false ego, allowing it to re-incarnate back to the cradle of sense and logic.

His words double click on my narrow frustration, and immediately my frame expands. Mr James Early instantly fills my half empty or half full heart with words bigger than wisdom. He reminds me that I don’t need a camera to be on par with my purpose. That I can still add my flavor to life from behind the information desk. When he tells me to enjoy I am immediately reminded of what has been lacking in my space. Fun.

 Where has this man been? Who sent him? Who is he?

I google on the net for James Early and I am introduced to a brother of sense and a father of purpose. I like him. He rocks. His input in my life has given me a completely different view of the festival. I no longer see the information desk as an inhibition to creating everlasting moments. And I no longer compare Input 2008 to Sithengi or the Soccer World Cup. I now relate with Input 2008 as what it is and where it is. Right now, in my heart and mind there are only two places in the world, the Sandton Convention Centre and everywhere else. Any relations with the James in the Holy Book?

*James Early will be speaking at the Launch of the Human Bondage Project tonight at Input 2008, 19h00-22h00, RED ROOM